Are your toilet bowls and sinks stained? Do you have cobwebs on your ceiling corners that you are not even aware of? When most people think of deep cleaning, they think of sweeping, mopping, vacuuming, and dusting. Though these tasks make up most of the everyday chores, oftentimes your home requires a bit more. Sometimes, you need a detailed clean that will help you lead a healthy life. At Mambo Safi, we offer detailed cleaning services that will get into those hard to reach areas and eliminate tough-to-find dust and dirt.

Though you may not need to clean your home from top to bottom each time you tidy up, it is important to make it a regular part of your cleaning schedule. At Mambo Safi, we ensure that your home is consistently cleaned with a rotational system to maintain the initial results of a detailed clean.

Our professional cleaning team will:

  • Wet-wipe doors, door frames, door knobs, and light switch plates
  • Wet-wipe hanging light fixtures and vents
  • Vacuum and groom carpets
  • Dust and wet-wipe all furniture
  • Dust items on furniture and lampshades
  • Dust and wet-wipe curtain rods
  • Sweep/mop and machine scrub hard surface floors
  • Scrub and dry sinks, showers, and fixtures
  • Clean the interior and exterior of toilets
  • Clean mirrors, glass in picture frames, and any other glass surfaces
  • Fold and arrange clothes in the closet/wardrobes

These are just a few of the detailed cleaning procedures we provide. We also have detailed cleaning processes for each room of your home. We can also customize the cleaning process and scope to fit your needs and budget.